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"Proud Sponsors of the James Littleton Campaign." 

Dear Friends,

  We are thankful for this opportunity to share this inspirational gift with you. We pray that you are spiritually enriched by this, and that it will help deepen your faith. We are dear friends of James Littleton, our Christian Brother, and we pray that you will vote an elect him, the first African American Male Circuit Court Judge in this district. James has an extensive resume unparalled by any barrier to become Greenwood's 1st Arican American City Attorney and the first African American Municipal Court Judge. Currently, James is one of Leflore County Justice Court Judges, in which he not only renders decisions and imposes sanctions, btut he also offers encouragement, and inspires defendants of the imporgtance of change, and of educational opportunities available. Significant research and studies have shown that communities with more positive African American Male Leaders have more of a positive and profound effect on young African American boys. In a country where almost 98% of the defendants standing before judges in the criminal justice system, wrongfully or justly accused are African American males, and where parents are left forever tormented and mourning over dead African American boys like Trayvon Martin, and Michael Brown. This actually means that four out of five young black males will either be dead or incarcerated before or by the age of twenty-one. As a proven leader and positive role model, Judge Littleton has not dedicated his life towards the struggle for equality for African-Americans, but also accumulated a wealth of knowledge that will help meet the emotional and inspire them to build resilience, focus on education and survive these volatile times that many are facing. In closing our holy scriptures of the Bible place the man at the head. However, over the years society and mistakes have reduced many African American males to the back of society, causing chaos, torment, and suffering among young black males. A vote for James Littleton as the First African American Male Circuit Court Judge will be the first step towards regaining our African American Men. May the scriptures guide and help you appreciate God's love for all of us......

                                                                                                                                                                                                                Friends of James Littleton